Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

A special Valentine's Day with my Children... What could I do to make their Valentines special with their Dad being away in Asia?

I decided to surprise them and take them to spend a few bucks with their gift cards from Christmas. They decided after some convincing to put all their money together and buy a Disney sing along Wii game. After that we headed on an adventure to Valley Forge Park. I wanted to capture their moments at the park as well as give each of them a quick lesson and allow them to do some of their own photography. They did great and we all enjoyed our time slushing through the much that we missed the next surprise... the movies.

We headed home with some goodies from the pizza shop. Then after dinner we enjoyed icecream sundaes. I treated them to a final surprise. I gave each of them their own little spa treatment individually...A facial, and Spearmint aromatherapy massage...complete with candle light and meditation music. They giggled at times, but said they thought it was so much fun. "We should do this every day were their exact words!!"

Photo credits given to Kristen Campo age 7.

Valley Forge